Why Food Blogger 'Che Nom' Is An Inspiration To Malaysian Women Today

There has been an uproar on social media since a Twitter account user uploaded a video of Noor Kartini, an entrepreneur saying the meat “Harimau Menangis” has got a trademark. In the video that became viral on Twitter, it is mentioned that no one can use “Harimau Menangis” after this. The meat name has long been used by traders in Malaysia. For that reason, many users criticized and disputed the entrepreneur’s actions in a video. But the way how a popular Malaysian Food Blogger Normah Bakar, popularly known as “Che Nom” responded won the hearts of millions.

‘Nak Guna Resipi Saya, Guna lah, Tak Ada Trademark!’

Want To Use My Recipe? Use It, There Is No Trademark – Che Nom

Che Nom responded with a tweet that was highly appreciated by her fellow Twitter users. In her tweet, she allowed free lifetime access to use “Che Nom’s recipe” for trade purposes, without seeking any permission from her. Her tweet immediately went viral and was acknowledged by many.

Who is Che Nom?

Normah Bakar, also known as “Che Nom”, is a cooking and baking Youtuber. She is a source of inspiration especially for young YouTubers who wish to hone their culinary skills. That being said, she also presses upon the fact that one should never drop prior education for entering the world of YouTube. She strongly believes that education forms the right stepping stones towards success.

She, herself, happens to be a former telecommunications engineer. She believes that whatever she has become today, a lot of credit for that goes to her experience.

She cherishes some of her biggest achievements like having 950k+ YouTube subscribers, 98 million total views, to name a few. Some of Che Nom's popular dishes include:

  • Ayam Masak Merah Berempah

  • Ayam Masak Kicap with Sambal Gesek

  • Ikan Bakar Air Asam

  • Onde-Onde

  • Pandan Gula Melaka Cake with Swiss Meringue

  • Nutella Cheesecake

  • Cream Puff

Before setting up a YouTube channel, Che Nom had a website where she used to upload her recipes once a while. She started-off her YouTube journey in 2006 and didn’t take it very seriously until 2019.

To fuel the creativity within her, and the need to stay close to her family, inspired her to try hands at full-time YouTubing.

On being asked upon about her success mantra as a YouTuber, she narrowed it down to three magic ingredients – “Passion, Determination, and Originality”. According to her, passion and determination will keep you going, while originality makes you stand out more.

With her wise words and actions, she continues to be a role model for the youth.


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