What Makes a Woman Beautiful

Confidence is what makes a woman beautiful…not her size!

by Hemalatha Mahenthran

“Beauty lies in the eye of a beholder”. If you ask me, beauty is everywhere. It depends on how you see and feel it. Genuinely, all women are beautiful, no doubt in that. In every poem, women are always described in connection to the nature like “her lips are like rose petals, her skin is as white as snow” and so on.

Nowadays, women tend to chase beauty in different ways like plastic surgery, liposuctions, tanning and make-ups. These are generally

expensive, risky or may take loads of time. You may improve your life with a little cost just by knowing how to look beautiful. Let me ask you some questions. Can beauty be defined by age, gender, color, body shape or size? Who gets to decide how beautiful you are? You might wish you were thinner, taller, smaller, curvier…right! It is totally normal to feel that way, especially since we are constantly bombarded with images depicting a certain type of “perfection”!

Look, I am not going to deny that how great it would be if a person compliments you by saying that you are beautiful. But at the same time, why must it takes a third person to compliment about your beauty in order for you to feel beautiful? First of all, you should have the confidence that you are the prettiest woman of all for yourself. A woman’s confidence is one of the key points. Even in simple clothes, with a simple make-up or even without it, you will look very good if you have confidence in your natural beauty and attractiveness.

Some women are more beautiful nonetheless, but they are confident in their attractiveness and this confidence is passed to others. If you look at the famous actresses and singers, then you can understand that not all of them have a perfect look, perfect figure. Their demeanor and confidence make us believe that they are a standard of beauty, and that makes them irresistible.

All women love to be admired, respected, and appreciated. When women improve their looks, a wonderful thing happens. Everyone starts paying attention and seeks company. They become more confident which makes them look much better! Beauty is the state of your mind. It does not depend on the facts like - whether you are pretty, plain, young and old, thin or over-weight. What matters is your self-image. In a nutshell, if you feel beautiful, then you are really beautiful! A good look always proves that you value yourself. When people watch that, they would value you too.

There are 4 ways to make you feel confident about yourself:

1. Accept the way you are and bring the best out of you. If you feel you want to put a little make up on, use it! Make your eyes look brighter with an eye liner! Make-ups are meant for you, lady!

2. Dress how you want. Don’t think what people will say about your dressing style as long as you are comfortable with it.

3. Take risk. Each time you take any risk in life, you will definitely boost up your confidence level.

4. Smile and laugh. Both require a sense of inner happiness, which means you need to take charge of your life, career and relationships.

A confident woman is not afraid to be herself. Plain, simple, beautiful and fabulous. The key is: she knows who she is. She understands her purpose, and her assets. In fact, 83% of the men responded, in some form or fashion, that confidence was the key to a woman's sexiness (the others, incidentally, said, "intelligence," "depth," "authenticity," and similar adjectives). Confidence makes any WOMAN a beautiful Goddess. "Confidence, no doubt is huge. Confidence can help transform an average woman into a completely sexy woman." Always remember that confidence is what makes a woman beautiful…not her size!


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