The 5-Minute Exercise

by Karen Arulsamy

It’s easy to take time away from exercise when you’re feeling the pressure of work, school and family obligations. When you finally have free time, you think “Why can’t I just relax for a bit?” After all, there’s always tomorrow right?

The key to getting fit and trimming down that excess weight is consistency. Strength and cardio exercises are most effective when done several times a week. The 5-minute exercise comes in handy here! You begin by exercising 5 minutes daily. Then, you gradually increase the time at your own pace. Alternatively, you can keep the time constant but increase the intensity of your workout. So, what’s the workout all about?

• Get a skipping rope and timer.

• Warm up for 1 minute. You can do jumping jacks, kneeling hip flexors, calf stretches, walking lunge stretches and sprints.

• After warming up, skip for 30 seconds. If you’re up for it, add another 30 seconds. Gradually increase your skipping time daily or weekly to build endurance.

For those looking for a challenge, try different skipping techniques such as crossovers, double jumps, alternating legs, high knees, and run skips.

• Do push-ups for 15-30 seconds. Push-ups are difficult so start with knee push-ups. You can also rest your hands against a counter or table that wouldn’t move easily for beginner push-ups. If your knees and palms hurt, use an exercise mat.

• Do sit-ups for 30-45 seconds.

Cool down for 2 minutes. You can do bridges, planks, calf stretches, kneeling hip flexors, and spirals.

Although this routine is short, wear proper shoes to prevent injury. Do this routine several times a week and you’ll feel stronger! All it takes is 5 minutes and a little willpower on your side. After all, 5 minutes is only 0.35% of your day so you don’t really have an excuse not to do it!

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