Ending the battle of the sexes

- by Shakyra Mano -

It is often heard or said that being a woman simply spells out love and sacrifice. The growing number of feminists on the social media or even in reality has been reaching heights over the past few years.

Women all around the world are fighting for their rights, for a chance to be simply appreciated and to be given opportunities to prove themselves. Let us all take a moment to reflect on our choices, the choices we have made in life that has brought us so far and made us who we are today. Are we really fighting for our rights so that we can be as equal as men or is it simply because of inferiority?

Not only should charity begin at home, but so should respect, love and appreciation. It has become a normal sight to see women rally or protest for their rights. How many of these protesters would have actually taken out their time to care, love or appreciate the women in their life? Action speaks louder than words. If women all around the world start holding up boards, marching down streets and posting statuses on women equality, who is going to actually show the world what women equality actually means?

Have we ever questioned who are the ones actually taking away our rights? Men. And again who are these men?

A woman’s brother, father, friend, uncle, dad or maybe husband. Why can’t we start educating or fighting for our rights in the right way beginning from our very own home and family? After all, they’re our family. How hard is it to reach out to your brother and teach him the right way to respect a woman? But again, we’re talking about equality which simply means the same amount of everything for men and women.

Treat someone the way you would like to be treated.

Are we treating men the way we want to be treated by them?

Do women open car doors for men or do women simply pay the check on dinner dates? It is high time we learn the difference of gender equality and double standards.

Photo credits (from the top): Charles Fettinger, Jorgen Schyberg, Hillary H


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