Get to Know These 5 Rising Malaysian Female Entrepreneurs & Their Businesses

Over the past years, the number of women in the entrepreneurial industry has gradually increased in Malaysia. This encouraging pattern is one that many Malaysian females would like to see continue. With that being said, let's take a look at these 5 rising Malaysian businesswomen that you'll surely love to support!

1. Farah Noordin - MOMSMUNCH

A mom of two, Farah is passionate about breastfeeding. Being a mother herself, she wishes the mothers around the world to experience the joy of adoring their little ones, a special bond that starts with breastfeeding.

She’s working assiduously towards her mission to aid mothers in successful breastfeeding. She exudes positivity and wishes to make that viral and help people see the light at the end of the tunnel. Her passion for breastfeeding inspired her to go to step further and become one of the Breastfeeding Peer Counselors by Malaysia National Lactation Centre.

Working as a counselor renders her first-hand knowledge to help mothers combat breastfeeding challenges like latching, engorgement, oversupply, nipple confusion, thrush, some pressing issues like a drop in milk supply, etc.

Her expertise had paved the way for her active involvement in NGO events and collaborations to continue educating breastfeeding moms to walk through this magical journey of breastfeeding.

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Instagram: @momsmunch

Facebook: MomsMunch


Specializing in fine line, grey & black tattoos, Ashley is a tattoo artist. Also, she’s a semi-permanent makeup artist providing eyebrow embroidery services that include power mist brows, microblading, and combination brows.

What started as a side business turned into a full-time job post-facing retrenchment from her day job 6 months later. By the end of 2020, she received her certificate in eyebrow embroidery. She’s currently running her studio based in Bandar Menjalara, KL.

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Instagram: @ashley.tattooist

3. Kelly Hiu - Get Fit with Kellyouknowho

A wellness coach, Kelly visions to bring about a positive change and help people turn into the best version of themselves. She offers health & fitness coaching, and aids newbies embark on their fitness journey by offering a free wellness evaluation and extends a chance to join the 10 Days Lean & Tone Project. She strongly lives by the concept of 80% nutrition, 20% exercise, 100% mindset!

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Instagram: @kellyouknowho

4. Debby Wing – WO Studios

Based in Penang, WO Studios aims to deliver a unique fitness experience to Penangites. The studio run by Debby has a competitive edge as it is the only one offering the original Bungee Workout in Penang. They’re soon to be labeled as the first group reformer studio in Penang. Her studio focuses on safety and effectiveness and inspires to make fitness a lifestyle for Penangites by offering a fun-filled environment.

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Instagram: @wo.studios

5. Nicole Yap - The Pharm Hut

Run by a close-knit mother-daughter duo Patie Tan and her daughter Nicole Yap, The Pharm Hut is a fermentory in Georgetown, Penang! They’ve been serving Kefir Sodas and other healthy, probiotic drinks and food since 2017. The Pharm Plot, which Nicole helps Tan to maintain, now has plants such as cat’s whiskers, passionfruit, tomatoes, gelanggang, dill, curry leaves, figs, mulberries, Mexican mint, moringa, miracle berries, turmeric, pandan, and sweet potato leaves, with more still being planted.

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Instagram: @thepharmhut


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