From a cashier to a supermodel: She's Amber Chia!

Tall, beautiful and successful, Amber Chia is no stranger to the modelling world. Those who are into fashion and modelling world will definitely know who she is!

Her first breakthrough into the international line began in 2004 when she was crowned the winner of Guess Timeless Beauty International Model Search.

Started modelling at the age of seventeen, her journey in the modelling career has brought her far beyond any other model would ever strive for.

Her optimistic and ambitious personality has pushed her career into a bigger height as she has now created her own modelling academy - Amber Chia Academy.

We were given the chance to have an exclusive interview with her way back in 2011 when we first started WOM (Chia was our first Woman Of The Month magazine cover!) and here's how it went like: Published from previous WOM website (2011):

WOM: Tell me about the current project you're working on - Amber Chia Academy. What are the courses that you are offering? Amber Chia: Well, Amber Chia Academy (ACA) was first built in September 1 last year at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. We have other branches at Melaka and Penang, but currently the one in Penang is still under construction. ACA is not only a modelling academy, we also offer other relevant courses such as image grooming, make up and photography courses as well. Each courses has different level and duration. There is no age limit to enter this academy because I believe that if someone has the right attitude,confidence and talent, age does not matter. WOM: What makes you want to open this academy? Amber Chia: I received a lot of emails after I won the title for Guess Timeless Beauty International Model Search, many asked me for advice on how to start modelling. I received around 300 emails about that! So after that I wanted to help these people to start their career by entering this academy. They will learn how to groom themselves, get the right posture and all the tactics of becoming a model.

WOM: Being a mother now, has it been more difficult for you to cope with your busy schedule? Amber Chia: Yes, it gets busier from time to time to be honest. But time management is very important in this case. No matter what, you still have to catch up with your friends. I even had to cut down some jobs because family must be our first priority. Sometimes I bring my son (Ashton) along to my workplace! WOM: In your opinion, what is the most ultimate thing that makes a woman beautiful? Amber Chia: You need to be hardworking and sincere in pursuing your dream, from there you will become beautiful. You have to keep learning and take as many knowledge as you possibly can because beauty is not defined by just your appearance. WOM: How do you want to see yourself in 10 years time? Amber Chia: I still want to continue modelling but I will also want to try to be the person behind the scene instead. WOM: Lastly, is there any personal message/advice that you would like to share with all the women out there in Malaysia? Amber Chia: Just keep this one thing in mind, if you want to do something in your life, just go for it. At least just try, because if you don't, the opportunity might be gone in the future. I've experienced this when I was doing the Ford Supermodel of the World, there was this lady who came up to us, unfortunately she was 36 years old at that time, passing the age limit of the competition, so apparently it was too late for her to try out. So, the younger you start, the better!

10 Things To Know About Amber Chia:

1. Amber Chia is a Malaysian model, actress, TV host and brand ambassador.

2. Born in Teluk Intan, Malaysia, she grew up in the town of Tawau in Sabah, East Malaysia.

3. She stopped schooling at 15, to work full-time in order to help her family.

4. Chia worked three jobs; selling fish at the market in the morning, salesgirl at a small mall in the day and a cashier at a pub at night.

5. At 17, she left for Kuala Lumpur to be a model and rose to prominence after winning the Guess Watches Timeless Beauty International Model Search 2004 title

6. Amber Chia became the world's first Asian model to triumph at global model searches; and the first Asian model to campaign for Guess Watches worldwide

7. Victoria Beckham personally selected her to model the Victoria Beckham Autumn/Winter 2009 Ready to Wear Collection during the glamorous New York Fashion Week

8. In 2009, Chia started her own company Amber Creations, and a modelling school Amber Chia Academy in 2010.

9. Amber has appeared in over 300 magazine covers, catwalk on runways in 6 continents, starred in 7 movies, authored 2 books, and appointed as brand ambassador for over 30 brands.

10. Amber has a son named Ashton Wong; born September 2010.[7] Ashton Wong is a child model.

Source: Wikipedia Wardrobe: Dovey-Lovey Make up: Rachel W Photographer: Nick Dorian (Candid Photography)


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