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About Feelpantang Confinement Centre

Established in 2014, Feelpantang Confinement Services & Product is a brand under Syarikat Cantiksihat Marketing. Apart from specializing in pre-or postpartum women’s care services, they also offer a myriad of body massage therapy treatments such as pregnancy therapy, body relaxing therapy, and facial skin cleansing.

At Feelpantang Confinement, they believe a woman deserves to look beautiful, fit, and fresh irrespective of whether she’s a working woman or a full-time housewife. Feelpantang invites all women out there to get a taste of their soothing services. They say, “We know your pain, we know you need rest. Get relaxing services from the best in the field”.

About the Founder

The founder of Feelpantang Confinement Services & Product, Junaidah Kamarudin, nicknamed June, was born on 26t​h​ Nov 1987 in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

The idea to start this business struck her in June 2015 when she got married. After resigning from her previous position as a Sales and Marketing at Kajang, Selangor, she decided to start her own Home Spa business specializing in facials, massages, and makeup. The knowledge that she’d acquired studying at Beauty Academy helped her become adept in such services step-by-step. Back then, a close friend reckoned her to start postpartum confinement services as her second profession. Heeding her advice, she enrolled for a short-term course to gain deeper insight into the field. Then, fortunately, her company started.

The key driving force was the high demand that drove her entrepreneurial growth in the confinement business. She curated her product branding and business plans to get a business partner on the products. Taking into account the customer feedback, she switched to the lotion method to become user-friendly.

The most significant breakthrough for her was to see the graph of her business elevate every year to now have a dedicated team of 100 confinement ladies.

She keeps her clients' first place and adheres to their feedback to keep her team in check to stick to the standard operating practice. The support of her friends, team leaders, her family is her biggest strength. A stable income, along with the drive to support the ones around, makes her feel motivated.

Like others, she also finds it hard to follow her vision and mission always. The way to success isn’t easy, but we have to rectify our errors to run smoothly.

Interview with the Founder

WOM: What was your key driving force to become an entrepreneur?

June: Due to the high demand in confinement services here in Malaysia, the force to become an entrepreneur comes naturally for me. We started with only one staff in 2018 and we kept growing since then.

WOM: When did you get your first breakthrough, and how did that happen?

June: At first, the demand was relatively high, but I did everything by myself because I haven’t hired any workers yet. It was not an easy decision to hire a few employees because I don’t have much income. But Alhamdulillah, we have over 100 confinement ladies in our company now!

WOM: What do you do for encouragement or to be motivated?

June: I felt motivated when my income becomes stable and knowing that I am able to always support other confinement ladies, all while supporting each other to be entrepreneurs. That’s what makes me feel encouraged and motivated.

WOM: Lastly, is there any personal message or advice you would like to share with all the women in Malaysia?

June: For all the ladies out there, there must be a desire to succeed but not just for themselves but their family as well. Yes, everyone wants to be rich, but what kind of rich is that? I prefer being a person with a low profile, and behind the scene, you have to make sacrifices; every journey has its twists and turns to go through. The effort is not to be praised. So, I want to be a representative for my brand, the confinement lady of my team, and let all women know that being a confinement lady is also an entrepreneur.

Find out more about Feelpantang at www.feelpantang.com

Instagram: @feelpantangconfinementcentre


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