Confidence is the new BLACK!

- by Ashley Greig -

Picture this: a woman plans to go out of her house to run a few errands, or go shopping. Perhaps a coffee date with her best friend, or a quick movie with her sister. Nothing fancy, really. Yet, having her clothes on isn’t enough. Having her hair combed neatly wouldn’t do. Having her handbag slung on her arms just doesn’t cut it. Make-up. That’s exactly what’s missing. And she doesn’t leave home without it, because that would be simply unfathomable. What would people say about her? No way she would want to look “pale”, “tired” or “unwell” for sure! She’s just one woman. There are plenty more of us who are exactly like her. How did this happen? When did this happen? Do you remember your childhood? Do you remember the time when you used to wear whatever your mother picked out for you, with nothing on your face but a silly, toothy grin and mischievous, twinkling eyes? Do you remember not caring what people thought about you? Yes, that’s exactly what you need to be reminded of. Whatever in the world happened to that confidence you once so proudly were oozing with? Some would say, life happened. No. It wasn’t life that happened. What happened was that you started letting society dictate what should and shouldn’t matter. What happened was that you started caring what people had to say about having clear skin and an acne-free face. What happened was that you stopped loving yourself for exactly who you are, and started judging every flaw in your body.

I’m here to remind you that you don’t need all that goo on your face just so you would be socially accepted. True beauty doesn’t come from the outside; it comes from inside you. It’s a glow that shines from within you because you love each and every part of yourself. Every flaw, every imperfection. Every highlight, every trait. Stop being afraid of judgment from people who don’t matter. If you can look at the mirror and be proud of yourself, you don’t need anyone else’s opinion to shroud your head with doubts and negativity. In the end physical beauty will fade with the passage of time, and all that’s left will be your thoughts and memories to last you forever. If you have confidence, you don’t need make-up to make you look better. You already are. Photo credits (from top to bottom): Marina


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