BB cream facts & tips!


By Yean

Blemish balm, blemish base or beblesh balm “BB cream” is one of the hottest beauty products among Asian ladies nowadays. In Western market, it is known as beauty balm. BB cream is developed in 1968 by German skin therapist and cosmetician, Dr. Christine Schrammek-Drusio.

BB cream has the hydrating properties of a moisturizer, evens out complexion like a lightweight foundation, correct lines and imperfections, boosts skin’s radiance and provides UV protection. It’s like a tinted moisturizer, except that it claims to have all these extra benefits.

Jessie J is a huge fan of BB creams!

Her new softer and more sophisticated look can be put down to James Read BB Tan Face Pen where she says to carry around with her everywhere.

Some BB creams even boast dermatological properties, helping to fight signs of aging, purify the skin and reduce irritation. When the make-up artists of Spice Girls used Rodial BB Venom Skin Tint at the closing ceremony of the Olympics this year, the girls looked like they hadn’t aged a day since they taught the world how to Spice up their lives more than 10 years ago!

Here's the trick:

You don’t need to be a makeup artist to use it, since BB cream offers an easy application and a streak-free finish. Here are some of the tips that can give you a perfect texture.

1) Use a moisturizer before applying BB cream, especially if you have a dry skin. A lot of the BB creams say that it can be your moisturizer plus foundation. However, our skin will feel dry and flaky when we skipped moisturizer.

2) Go with your fingers. Squeeze a pea size of the cream on your fingertips and apply like a regular moisturizer. It is the easiest way to get an even and natural look, so sponges or brushes are unnecessary.

3) Start off by using it as a concealer to cover blemishes, visible scars and under eye circles. Dot on a little BB cream and blend in. After making sure it’s set, apply BB cream to the rest of your face for greater coverage. However, if you have more obvious blemishes, team it with a good concealer.

4) For best result, set with powder once your BB cream is applied and dry. Note that some brands have been reported do not last all day. Setting with powder and keeping your hands off your face will help you to solve this problem.

5) Have a darker skin tone? Mix with foundation. You’ll still get the benefits of the BB cream with a shade to better suite your skin.

6) Don’t overpay! Find a site that provides international shopping if you don’t find the one you loved with a price you love.

7) Keep trying if you don’t like the first one. Get your hands on samples, do research and check online reviews. Make sure you think ahead how much coverage you want, to illuminate your skin or leave it matte and etc.


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