7 Local Fashion Brands Made For the Modern Malaysian Woman

While there may be many brands out there in the market, we suggest you opt for these homegrown brands as a way to support local businesses. So if you want to support “Made In Malaysia” initiatives, check out these seven local fashion labels to feast your eyes on!

1. The Batik Life

#LivingTheBatikLife is synonymous with creatively incorporating the tradition and heritage of batik into daily life by creating a fusion of Batik with formal or casual pieces.

They kickstarted at a slow pace, with an array of modern Batik wear in the form of kain pareo. They went further to curate other items such as tops, cardigans, summer dresses, kaftans, baju kurung/kebaya, and kain sarung as well as handcrafted accessories and even denim jackets.

They are a small local business that believes in supporting other individuals and small businesses in their process. They’re looking forward to building a small online shop to be able to conduct sustainable and fair business.

Website: http://www.thebatiklife.com

Instagram: @thebatiklife

2. KTees.co

KTees.co is a brand selling statement t-shirts. The idea behind it is to help accentuate the look of an everyday t-shirts and jeans girl. A KTees girl is sassy, boisterous and loud, and instead of wearing “her heart” on her sleeve, she has it on her t-shirt. It might sound repugnant to some, but she is one bold girl who lives by her own rules.

Instagram: @ktees.co

3. Aepetal

Found in 2020, Aepetal is your place to stop by if minimalism is your genre. Aepetal offers premium and luxurious clothing at affordable prices, catering to today’s modest women. From scarves, kurung, casual wear, and more coming your way, Aepetal is looking forward to growth by serving fashionable modest trendy wear.

Website: https://aepetal.com/

Instagram: @aepetal

4. The Kalung

Established in 2020, The Kalung is a jewelry brand. The idea to start this struck them during the first MCO, the time of uncertainty when social distancing became the new normal and people missed out on commemorating important dates with their loved ones. Hence, the crisis fueled their inner artist and led to the curation of the most romantic gift i.e. jewelry.

To revive the love like the old centuries, they topped the jewelry up with classic packaging, vintage envelopes, postcards, love letters, bows to embrace the times of uncertainty and distance.

Current offer for WOM Readers: Get 10% off on your first purchase with the code "TQWOM".

Instagram: @thekalung.official


A modern contemporary brand, WYNNONA specializes in a timeless style that will give women a chance to wear their crown and optimism whenever they need it. They stand for “Beauty For A Cause”.

Current offer for WOM Readers: Get an RM2 discount on their purchase with the code "WOM02".

Website: https://shopwynnona.wixsite.com/wynnonaofficial

Instagram: @shopwynnona

6. Glammora Vogue

Offering classy, trendy purses, handbags, and clutches, Glammora Vogue is the perfect epitome of elegance, glamour, and in vogue style that brings the inner star out of you. It’s a brand that celebrates love, passion, acknowledges art.

The majority of their collection is crafted with love and care, just for you, by the artisans. Thus, each piece is one-of-a-kind and proclaims a story of its own.

Their motto is #BelieveYourOwnHype.

Instagram: @glammoravogue

7. MO

Based in Kuala Lumpur, MO is an online clothing store that derived its inspiration from the everyday- plus-size girls with the intent of bestowing oversize comfort, a modern functional design, and a minimal twist. MO was established with a belief that fashion can be your everyday companion irrespective of your size. MO strives to flush confidence in you with a strong dose of #selflove to oneself because ultimately you matter.

Website: https://www.mobasedinkl.com/

Instagram: @mobasedinkl


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