Malaysia’s first

luxury women's magazine

Be a connoisseur of taste and style; discover the world of luxury living with Women of Malaysia.

Women of Malaysia (WOM) is Malaysia’s first luxury magazine launched to empower and celebrate our Malaysian women today. Whether you’re a boss lady, a mom, or just a lady who likes to shop, Women of Malaysia is your one-stop destination for fashion, beauty, travel, and more!

We aim to inspire and empower the women of Malaysia.

We continually pursue connecting the dots between old school luxury charm and the modern lifestyle of holistic living, all through a feminine lens. Needless to say, we are a positive, inspiring, and progressive publication that is driven to connect our readers with insights and information that will augment and enrich everyday life.

With the right mix of platform, personality, and a flair for doing things its own way-- we are committed to publishing content that’s accessible, fun and fresh, informing, inspiring, and connecting with our global readership. ​

We shine a spotlight on people who inspire with their unique way of being in the world.

Today, WOM is active across many social media networks and continues to make women believe that luxury is indeed a state of mind and approach to life definitely worth living. We welcome you to join our community and hope that you continue to be true WOM patrons.

Reclaim time and join us in our official relaunch with physical magazine copy distribution throughout Malaysia by March 2021 to have the best lifestyle experience unlike ever before.


We will be kicking off this year with our first physical magazine copy distribution throughout Malaysia starting March 2021

Our magazine will be distributed in 2 ways:

1. Free copy distribution to urban areas and workplaces with a circulation of 5,000 – 10,000 copies throughout Malaysia

2. Direct purchase through our website (this will be the luxe version, where readers  get an exclusive box and freebies with each purchase of our magazine)

Our magazine is designed exclusively in A5 size with a unique notebook style in mind.

What does that mean?

It means that the first half of our magazine will contain feature stories and articles for our readers to indulge, while the other half end of the magazine contains a special notebook (blank line pages) section where readers can use as their personal diary/planner.

With that said, we are now open for advertising slots for women entrepreneurs and bosses who want their stories or offers to be featured in our magazine. Click here for our current advertising deal.

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